Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nothing's Shocking

Everybody makes mistakes and everybody does something really stupid once in a while. Me? I'm always screwing up and have a penchance for doing some pretty stupid stuff...alot. When this happens I've learned to just accept that I'm not perfect, pick myself up off the ground and keep moving. It helps to be able to laugh at yourself, which after thirty-five years I've become pretty good at. In fact it's like I'm my own personal laugh track.

Whenever I discover I've made some kind of horrible mistake or I've once again become the victim of my own bad decision-making skills, there is someone I look to for inspiration. This person showed me that even though you screw something up so bad that it's almost irrepairable, you've still got to get off your knees, pick up your purple stormtrooper helmet, and ask the world, "Do you want a piece of me?"

If the picture doesn't say enough, here's a link so that you can view the ill-fated debut of The Shockmaster. It's pretty long, but it's worth it. I'm not a huge wrestling fan, but I know straight-up comedy when I see it. And don't forget there's that whole "inspiring" thing too.


Chris James said...

I bet Tugboat/Typhoon still has nightmares about the trip.

Jackie Lantern said...

Ha! I'm glad you got it. Nothing like an arcane pro-wrestling reference to find out who the freaks are :D

Route 75 said...

Man, I totally forgot about Le Shockmaster! That made me LMAO. Thanks!

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